Secure and Easy In-Room Entertainment Solution for Streaming Directly from Guest Devices

The trend of “cord-cutting” and streaming personal content at home has led to an increased demand among guests to access their media while traveling. Guests now expect the convenience of casting their personal content onto hotel TVs as easily as they can at home, without the need to remember passwords or access public devices. Providing a seamless and secure guest experience is paramount, as alternative solutions available in the market require guests to navigate the limited apps offered by hotel TVs and enter their login credentials one by one, relying on the hotel to remove them post-departure.

Alvi Casting addresses this demand by enabling guests to effortlessly stream their preferred media content from their mobile devices onto in-room TVs without the need to re-enter login credentials. The Alvi Casting solution supports thousands of popular apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, and many more, providing guests with an extensive array of options that would typically not be available with other casting or streaming solutions.

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